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Thanks for registering for the FAST Swim Program WSI course!

Your next step is to pay the registration fee and complete the Blended Learning Course.


Visit FAST Swim WSI Water Instructor (Online, Classroom & Pool Practical) (


  • Download the Manual and the PDF Fillable Workbook. 

  • Watch/listen to the lectures, and complete the workbook up to page 18

  • Between lectures 25 and 26, click through the Code of Conduct link and submit that electronically

  • Take the Blended Learning Exam - you can retake it as many times as you want to reach 80% or better. Be sure to complete the Code of Conduct online link!

Next - go to class with the Master Instructor! You'll be asked questions about your coursework in class, so have your answers handy!

You will be graded on your Pool Practical activities, bring your swimsuit and a towel, goggles if you'd like for the strokes testing.

Next steps:

  • Take your Final Exam online (open book test!) and make 80% or better

  • Complete your PDF Fillable Workbook and upload (instructions in Blended Learning Class lectures)

  • Upload your CPR/First Aid certifications (instructions in Blended Learning Class lectures)

Thanks for working with us!

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