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Serving students through the cooler months at

Cecil Aquatics Center in Jacksonville, Florida!

A warm welcome to parents and students of all ages,

Linda Bolger welcomes you to the FAST Swim Program. Flotation Aided Swim Training is the newest program available in the United States to teach non-swimmers of all ages how to be comfortable and confident in the water by using United States Coast Guard-approved Type III life jackets.

She's taught this program for over fifteen years throughout New Jersey, and more recently in northeast Florida. She's been able to take students that were traumatized by previous swim lesson experiences from "I'm not getting in the water" to "I'm swimming!"

Her revolutionary program is adaptable to all ages and abilities, and is approved and accredited by the Florida Department of Health.

If you're looking for a more affordable but competitive swim program in your area, we are looking to get our program into your facility, please contact us!

We are nationally accredited, and can certify swim instructors for both private lessons and public lessons (for instructors affiliated with swimming pool facilities). We offer same-day group certification courses throughout Florida, southern Georgia and southern Alabama. Contact us to certify your instructors for a fraction of what other agencies charge!

Swim Lesson Registration Packet
National Recognition of our Program
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